SG Letter to Crotian ministry of social affaires


Ministarstvo za demografiju, obitelj, mlade i socijalnu politiku

Trg Nevenke Topalušić 1 10 000 Zagreb Croatia

Highly esteemed Madame Minister Nada Murganić


European Association for Psychotherapy is very interested and excited to get the information, that your ministry is promoting the Law on Psychotherapy in the Parliament of Republic of Croatia. The approval of this law would be one of essential steps in protecting the patients’ rights in this service, and can guarantee the quality of it, the high standards of the training and accreditation of the specialists in your country. Being myself psychiatrist and psychotherapist for more than forty years I understand, how difficult is sometimes to introduce a new profession in the field of mental health protection, but life is moving forward, and scientific evidence of the effectiveness of psychotherapy strongly supports the need to establish this profession and to regulate its practice. This is already done in many European countries, and in many others, it is on the way. European Association for Psychotherapy is always ready to help national organizations and agencies in getting research information and documents supporting effectiveness of psychotherapy, European standards for the training and practical skills of the profession, and its ethical regulation principles accepted by EAP.

We would be very happy to be of any help for your efforts if it will be needed.

Sincerely yours


Assoc. Prof. Eugenijus Laurinaitis, MD, PhD,

General Secretary,

European Association for Psychotherapy