The workshop “Parent-child relationship: how to handle it in the therapy room” is focused on the relationship parents-child and on how much it can be a resource to be used for the benefit of the healthy development of the child.
During the workshop the participants will learn techniques and ways to involve parents in the therapeutic process, to facilitate communication and to improve the relationship through vignettes and exercises.
There will be the possibility to have supervision.

O voditeljici radionice:
Alessandra Pierini is a psychologist, psychotherapist, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA-P) of EATA and ITAA.
For over twenty years she has been working with children both in a clinical and educational setting. She is a founder and the co-director of Physis at (a Centre that provides psychotherapy, counseling, and training in T.A. in Rome) where she has her private practice with children, adults, and groups and where she runs a Master in TA psychotherapy applied to Children.
She is also director of an Italian Training Institute for TA (Seminari Romani di AT) in Rome where she works as teacher and supervisor.
She is a co-editor of an Italian TA Journal (Riv. It. DiATe Metodologie Psicoterapeutiche) since 2002, and member of the TAJ (Transactional Analysis Journal) Editorial Board since 2010.

KADA: 02.06.2019. od 9.30 do 13.00
GDJE: Centar Proventus, Kružna 81, Zagreb
PRIJAVE: ili 01 5813 604

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