The International Congress Connecting Fields in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Bella Center on the 2nd -5th of May 2013 –

The purpose of the Congress is to work integrative and connect different specialties and newest research within the fields of:

Pedagogy Children and Family, Constellation, Trauma, Relationship, Attachment, Mindfulness, Consciousness, Business and Organization, Neurology, Quantum Physics, Science and Research.

There will be workshops, seminars, experiential and creative processes for embedded and embodied experiences, Symposium for scientific studies of consciousness and integration and Networking as well as social gatherings in both formal and non-formal settings.

List of presenters:

A lot of international and national presenters have accepted our invitation to speak  and work at the congress. Amongst them, you will find: Dr. Daniel J. Siegel, Hunter Beaumont, Jesper Juul, Steen Hildebrandt, Franz Rupers, Madhurima Rigtrup and Prof. Andreas Roepsdorff.

Vision and Values:

Connecting Fields Congress, with the subtitle: “Moving towards a sustainable future” is a non-profit organization with the purpose and wishes to create networking and collaboration between different fields of human, social and scientific matters. We see the world as connected and believe that differences are strengths and way of learning and growing through the challenges humanity are facing.


We believe it requires innovative ways and new openness for synthesis and new perspectives, as well as methods for collaborating and networking.

We support new relationships between different fields of human interest and work from the small to the large – from the inner life of the individual to the world as a whole.

We see that success in creating a more just and sustainable world will require embodied emotional authenticity in addition to intellectual understanding.

We intend to create and support connections between different fields and areas of endeavor, be a catalyst for meta-network formation, collectively learn and be inspired, help in the synthesis of an integral networking model, demonstrate new forms of meta-networking and initiate a process for passing insights to future Connecting Fields Congresses.

10 years perspective:

2013: Connecting Fields Congress – Moving towards a sustainable future. (May 2nd – 5th)

2015: Connecting Fields Congress – Compassion as a path

2018: Connecting Fields Congress – An interdependent world

2020: Connecting Fields Congress – Transformation

For further information, contact:

Chairman of the Board, Liv Dhanyo Tommesen, Mail:  / +45 20437475

Board Member Lotte Srari, Mail:  / +45 40356870

Board Member Matthias Axelsen, Mail:  / +45 21261120

Best regards
Connecting Fields
Matthias Axelsen
Board member