Dear friends and colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, for the 2nd International Children and Youth Psychodrama Conference which will be held from 25-27 September 2020.

We face the challenges of the digital age, which moves a significant part of communication into the virtual world with which children are encountered since the early age. The demands of social networks and other online content subtract a big part of free time, narrowing down the field of interest and giving a partial picture of reality, and all this can lead to alienation from the authenticity of identity and the various psychological difficulties of children and youth.

Psychodrama communicates with children and youth in the language of play, action, and helps them to get into contact with each other, to increase their self confidence, free their creativity, leading to self healing.

Specific psychodrama methods for children and youth have been developed in the last two decades by several schools around Europe.

Recently, interest in the method grew rapidly, starting an international cooperation via FEPTO Network Group for Psychodramatists Working with Children and Youth. After the last International Conference held in Budapest in 2018, we are continuing with our meetings of experienced colleagues and schools to discuss and explore the method. Our discussions will include similarities and differences in our methods, theory behind them, understanding the role and competencies of therapist, and elaboration methods to measure the therapeutic effect.

On behalf of Croatian Center for Psychodrama we invite all interested, in the hope of everybody’s enrichment when talking our common language of symbolic play and working together.

In the end, we invite you to explore Zagreb – the city with the million hearts. As you set out to take a tour round Zagreb, determined to see its highlights, you’ll find that you’ll end up rather enjoying it. Sitting at one of its various cafés, strolling leisurely around its streets and promenading through its parks, it’s like you’re starting out on a love affair with this city and its people. And pretty soon you’ll know that this is love in its early stage, the kind that only grows stronger in time. Don’t miss it!

On behalf of Croatian Center for Psychodrama and Organizational Committee

Vedran Korušić

president of Croatian Center for Psychodrama

Apply to present at Conference! Abstract submission is open until 1st March 2020