We are pleased to welcome you to the conference „Connecting Psychotherapy Practice and Research“. This conference is an initiative of the Science and Research Committee (SARC) of EAP. We invited speakers to present research projects of several designs, to provide ideas, how we psychotherapists can join research in approaches fitting to our practice. Hopefully this conference results in some new projects. We will be happy, if you honor this invitation to a start up event with your participation.

A conference of the science and research committee of EAP Research for Practitioners
Connecting Psychotherapy Practice & Research

16./17. February 2016, in Vienna, Austria
Sigmund Freud Private University, Freudplatz 1, A-1020 Vienna

Attached You will find a new (more attractive) version of the brochure and a flyer.

If You have any further questions, please contact the chair of SARC:

Peter Schulthess: peter.schulthess@europsyche.org