For Mothers and Fathers with their Adult Sons or Daughters

May 24-26,2017

Jerusalem, Israel

Co-Led by

Ljiljana Bastaic and Orli Wahrman

Created by Imago therapists, Roland and Sabine Bösel of Vienna, this brilliantly designed, profound, and fun workshop supports a parent and adult-child to spend time together in safe conversations. This precious time together enables the shifting of inter-generational patterns and lays the foundation for a more conscious, authentic adult-to-adult relationship

The power of our family’s emotional legacy

This workshop is for mothers/fathers and adult daughters/sons who have the courage to safely work on an authentic, mutually satisfying relationship. Unresolved family patterns can sabotage individual growth, subtly emerge in romantic relationships, and influence parenting styles. Thus, often unconsciously, they will be passed on to the next generation. Through guided structured dialogues that support empathic listening, the parent/child pair becomes conscious of relationship dynamics within their own family, gaining the opportunity to rewrite old family patterns and create a legacy of loving and supportive relationships. Generation work also uncovers unique resources found in each family, which are honored as a source of strength.

Generation work is peace work within your own family

Healing repetitive family themes not only positively impacts your relationship with your own parent(s) or adult children, but also fosters your individual growth. Thus, generation work opens you to your full potential and facilitates a self-determined life through which you may find your own path in your relationships.

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Address previously unspoken feelings.
  • Clear up misunderstandings and heal old injuries.
  • Facilitate reconciliation and peace.
  • Call forth potentials that were previously inaccessible.
  • Practice a kind and respectful way of interacting that will help you create a mutually satisfying relationship in the future.
  • Recognize that even painful experiences can foster the development of personal resources and strength.
  • Ensure that difficult emotional experiences and interactions will no longer be passed on to future generations.

This workshop is for you, if you:

  • Would like to tend to your relationship with your mother, your father, your adult son, your adult daughter, or stepchild.
  • Would like to safely address an issue, which you have carried for a long time.
  • Would like to express your love and validation for each other.
  • Would like to free yourself from restricting family patterns.
  • Have experienced hurtful interactions or transgressions of personal boundaries and long to have your pain heard and acknowledged.
  • Want to utilize your family as a source for healthy personal growth.
  • Want to serve as a role model for growth within your own family.
  • Want to engage in a dialogue to release your daughter or son into adulthood, creating a mutually satisfying and respectful relationship.

What to expect:

  • We support you in defining your specific goals for this workshop.
  • We demonstrate structured dialogues and assist you while you engage with each other.
  • We support you in finding the right words to express your concerns and feelings.
  • We help you activate your inner resources to strengthen your confidence.
  • You will find support and personal exchange within your own generation group (parents group, sons/daughters group).
  • We will present theoretical concepts underlying the difference between a conscious and an unconscious relationship, e.g., respectful closeness and
    enmeshment, healthy boundaries and emotional distance, and between connection and codependency.

In addition to the leaders, Ljiljana and Orli, you will have the support of guest therapists from abroad; Hannah and Anders from Sweden, Dorsey and Neil from Canada and Texas, Orli‘s son Yuval who participated himself in this workshop, and some other clinically certified therapists to coach you through the dialogues.
Your privacy will be respected. Personal issues will only be addressed with your generation partner. In addition, all participants agree to keep utmost confidentiality.


We deeply thank our teachers; Claudia Luciak-Donsberger and Mikael Luciak, for their skillful, attuned guidance through the Generations workshop with our adult-children as well as the training they have provided.

We are profoundly grateful to Sabine and Roland Bösel ( for their wisdom and skill in developing this workshop, and their generosity in freely passing it along to us and the coming generations.

What participants have said about the Generations Workshop:

“I attended a Generations workshop with my adult daughter and felt it was the gift of a lifetime!  Her trust and honesty with me was a gift for sure, but the greatest gift was in learning how she experiences me today and receiving that message as an invitation for growth and a deeper connection. Before each process there was a full explanation of what each dialogue intended to achieve, with lots of examples, so that I felt well guided and got the most out of the weekend. I highly recommend the experience to any parent/adult-child combo ready and open for a deeper connection.”   J.G. (mother)

“The Generations workshop last year has done so much and is still doing so much for us.  It has changed our family dynamics all the way to the roots and has brought a new openness and honesty that is so amazing to all of us. (And sometimes very difficult!)  I am still at awe.” R.C. (father)

 “I arrived at the Generations workshop feeling like a child and left feeling adult. Now, when I interact with my mother, I no longer have the shadows of childhood weighing on my shoulders. While she will always be my mom, I experience us more as two growing individuals in an evolving relationship.”  J.K. (son)

“Having attended a Generational Workshop with my mother, I am so much richer for the experience.  Dorsey, as our assistant, I wanted to thank you again for all of your skillful, kind, and generous work with mom and me.  You have a true gift!”  C.P. (daughter)


“I have supported Sabine and Roland Bösel as a co-therapist in various generation, sibling, and couples workshops and am deeply touched by the impact of the structured dialogues I experienced with many couples and generation pairs as well as with my own children. Just recently I participated at a workshop with our youngest daughter, one of the most moving experiences of my life.” Mikael Luciak. (father, international generations workshop presenter)

“I am writing these lines in Southern Crete during a mother/daughter trip, a week long one-on-one journey of mutual presence, kindness, fun, love, and authentic relating. This is one of many long time benefits from our attending a Generations Dialogue workshop over 10 years ago.”  Claudia Luciak-Donsberger, (mother, international generations dialogue workshop presenter)

“I LOVED the Generations workshop and I am so grateful to have been present at this amazing experience. It is never too late to give your children the childhood you wish you had given them and to work with them to build new relationship patterns for the next generation. I am looking forward to attending this workshop with my children
Maya Kollman (host and assistant)



Ljiljana MD,and Orli MSW,are both Faculty members of Imago Relational International, trainers, workshop presenters, supervisors and imago therapists, family therapists, Gestalt trainer (Ljiljana) and SE therapist (Orli).

We both attended the Generation workshop with our children, and after experiencing the amazing profound journey, have decided to take it into our own countries.

Workshop DATES & TIMES:

Wednesday 24 May| TIME: 3 -10pm

Thursday 25 May| TIME: 9:00am – 7pm

Friday, 26 May  | TIME: 9:00am – 3pm

VENUE: Beit Belgia, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram

Language – English, few assistants would also know Hebrew

INVESTMENT: 4300 NIS per pair OR

EARLYBIRD: 3850 NIS per pair by March 15th 

accomodation: possibility to have a nice room at Beit Belgia for 440 NIS per night, number of rooms limited

Cancellation policy: Until March 31st, refund of full amount, until end of April, refund of full amount minus 500 NIS, after April, no refund, and place would be reserved for a later workshop. As there are people coming from abroad, and commitments to the place, food and accommodation, we have to be strict and clear about our policy, thank you for your understanding.

Places LIMITED to Maximum 9 PAIRS – BOOK NOW

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Bank Transfer (Preferred)

Bank Details: Orli Wahrman, Mizrahi Tfahot, 571, account: 107292

Please include your name when paying and email to advise of your payment

OR by sending 1 or 2 checks; one to the day of payment, the other to the date of the workshop. Checks should be addressed to Orli Wahrman, Tena 51, Reut, 71908

Young people who’d like to speak to Orli’s son Yuval, are very welcome 0528511642



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