Dear ECP Holders and EAP Individual Members,

I think there is no doubt that we need more practice-related research for all our modalities.

SARC is organizing on Sunday, February 23rd (following the EAP Meetings in February) a conference with the topic “Initiating practice related Research”. The aim is to initiate new projects with the participation of therapists from all our modalities and countries.

We invited Prof. Mattias Desmet (Belgium) and Prof. Gunter Schiepek (Germany and Austria) to present us their projects on systematic case documentations, that can be used for a research project according to the Single Case Time Series Design, which is equivalent to RCT’s but less intrusive, and more practice-related in a naturalistic approach. And besides, it is less cost-intensive than RCT’s.

We hope, this Conference will attract You. Research can only happen if practitioners participate. I hope strongly, that You will be willing to contribute to research for the sake of the future scientific validation of Your approach.

Please have a look at the attached Flyer and spread it among your colleagues. I look forward to Your participation. The congress gives You an opportunity to get a better understanding of the Single Case time Series approach. Participation will be recognized as an element of Your CPD (Continuous Practionners Development).

With my best wishes for New Year
Peter Schulthess
Chair of SARC