We are delighted to announce an “Extra Special Issue” of the International Journal of Psychotherapy – primarily to celebrate our 20th year of publication: this issue is an “Extra” one – in addition to our normal 3 printed issues per annum. It is also a “Special Issue” as it is devoted to a particular topic: “Mindfulness and Psychotherapy”. We think that this is an excellent topic; and it is also an excellent ‘product’ which will help to further the aims of the EAP and hopefully also encourage interest in the activities of the IJP.

We decided – especially as it is a very large issue in this format – that we would not get involved (this time) with the considerable costs and labours of printing, transportation, distribution and postage. This is also our first attempt at producing an e-issue, so it is quite an ‘Extra Special’ one as well. Other ‘e-issues’ may follow, we shall see.

So, this ‘Extra Special Issue’ is only available as an “e-issue”, in PDF format, as a download, via the link below.

Additionally, we have created and uploaded a link to a “light” version of this issue – the title pages, the contents and abstracts, and the first article – as a “taster” – on to the IJP website. This is now available free of charge as a PDF download to anyone who goes to the IJP website (www.ijp.org.uk).

Further, we would like to invite – and would welcome – any NUO or EWAO or EAPTI – or any of you, to distribute an announcement about this Extra Special Issue to all of your colleagues, members, students, etc., with – only – a direct link to the “light issue” (here) [or please copy and paste this link: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/55700593/international-journal-of-psychotherapy-volume-20-extra-special-issue-july-2016-light-version].
Then, if any of these people are interested, they can buy a download of the full issue for €15.00 from the IJP website. We do have to cover our costs somehow.